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guaranteed rental

Guaranteed Rental: Housing Proposals Suggested by UK Prime Minister David Cameron


David Cameron the Prime Minister of United Kingdom takes measures in his hands, which announce plans for building cheaper homes intended for those under 40 years, which for the first time buy but also to use public land for homes. George Osborn said in an article that having an own place is an important part of our economy. We do not want to be a country that if you are rich, then you can buy real estate, but if you are not rich then this question is impossible for you.


  • The Right to Buy Scheme

The Right to Buy scheme, which already applies to the majority of council tenants will officially be extended to 1.3 million housing association of tenants, which will receive a discount of 70% in order to buy their own home. In defense of these schemes against those who think that all this will reduce significantly the housing stock. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne said: By helping those people to have their own home, through right to buy, we can turn tenants into future houses owners and reduce housing benefits bills.


  • The government will build 200.000 starter homes

The government decides to make a step which is to build 200,000 “starter homes,” which will be sold below the market rate for those first time buying a house under 40 years. They say that they will call the local councils in order to provide a land with planning permission for those who want to build their own homes to double the number of custom- built houses in the United Kingdom.


  • David Cameron with vision to solve the social problems

A “program of regeneration” will create a part around the railway stations in order to liberate the land from the public sector for about 150.000 homes. David Cameron has set its vision on how to tackle and solve the deep-rooted social problems that are affecting the UK, but also to try to seize the political center for a generation by adopting a true opportunity and true equality in the country.  For Guaranteed Rental call 020 8088 9012.

Essential Section 21 update for letting agents: Important changes just weeks away


Important changes have been made in real estate agents and landlords, just weeks before the politeness of the law on deregulation. The main changes actually take place in section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 or known as Section 21 Notice. Michelle Cox for the faithful readers of Eye has specially written introductions which specifically focus on this theme which talk about the main reasons that should be aware. It will be no possible the rule to serve a Section 21 of the tenants lived on the property for at least 4 months. This is intended especially for landlords to stop serving section 21 until tenants move into the property.

Any notice like this can’t be expired before the end of the expiry of each final term. A Section 21 Notice will be valid for 6 months only from the moment when will come into force. That means if in case the tenant does not leave, the procedure for possession must be initiated within 6 months of the Section 21 Notice. But completely different rules apply when we talking about the notice period specified in the lease are more than two months. According to Section 21 states that will no longer be valid if the date of possession which is given is not the last day of the period of the lease.

But this is precisely the main reason why Section 21 Notice was not successful. Landowners will be able to serve 21 Section Notice whatever the circumstances when it is contrary to the legal obligations of a tenant. These commitments think the condition of the property, health and safety of the passengers and the failure to provide a certificate of Energy or a valid certificate for gas a property.

Also, if the tenant has raised a complaint against the owner or agent of the property on the condition of the property, where there are also limitations in the service of Section 21. But if in that objection is raised that did not get any proper response, or no response, but no action or decision about correcting the appeal, then the tenant has the right to appeal to the local government. If served relevant notice from the local government, then section 21 notice can respond within six months from the date of that notification.

If the property owner or agent adequately responds to this within 14 days, and the job is done properly, then all this will have no impact on Section 21 Notice. A change which has already been entered into force is the protection of deposits. All deposits have been taken, but still maintained must be protected. Once you complete protection for the certificate of deposits, all information must be communicated to the tenant. Peace of mind for your property investment with our guaranteed rental scheme, no voids or late payments, and no hidden costs.

Guaranteed Rental: Latest Market News: Best Guaranteed Rental service provider in England

In the current property market in England, it is very difficult to find the best guaranteed rental service. But for the best renting service we can certainly fulfill your desire. We will ensure the monthly rent of your property, no matter what its size or location, we will ensure that you are provided with fixed monthly rent. Besides, our property management system is hassle-free as our developer of the property is liable for the condition over the contract period of time.


We can show you the most effectual and systematic way to renting your property with no stress.

-We offer dependable and fast payments.
-We offer flexible rental contract to landlords.
-We will provide long-term tenancies for your rental.
-We will notify you about the various safety regulations.
-We arrange renewals of the agreement certainly.
-will deal with the inquiries of the tenants and arrange any necessary repairs.
-We will be responsible for any replacements, damages, redecorating, repairs etc.

Moreover, while offering guaranteed rental we do not charge any
-maintenance costs
-letting agent fees
-eviction costs
-hidden costs

Our key function is to get rid of all the headaches of renting and organizing on your own, however still relish with rent.

If you would like our system of Guaranteed Rental fill in quick call back form.

We treat the properties so that you get the very best service at all times. We offer more than the competition. For a new approach to property management do not hesitate to call us.

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