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letting agents guaranteed rent | The Clinton model: what the Republican party can learn from Hillary

letting agents guaranteed rent | The Clinton model: what the Republican party can learn from Hillary

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letting agents guaranteed rent

Four years ago she was beaten and bitter, and now she’s practically a shoo-in for 2016. GOP contenders, take note

Look at Hillary’s shift from sore loser to next-in-line: the way for the GOP to succeed in beating Clinton is learn from her. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/AFP/Getty Images letting agents guaranteed rent

Newt Gingrich’s declaration this week that “the Republican party today is incapable of competing” against Hillary Clinton should she run for president is, most of all, a statement about Newt Gingrich. That he made the pronouncement on NBC’s Meet the Press was an indication of just how adrift his party is.

The line is a testament to his genius for self-promotion and his ability to attach himself to prevailing winds. I’ve always presumed that Gingrich would be an excellent ambassador to his predicted lunar colony primarily because he only needs publicity, not oxygen, to breathe.

But what does the quote say about Hillary Clinton? Not as much as progressives might hope. Post-giddiness has given way to an atmosphere among Democrats that magnifies all signs of Republican collapse, from the would-be “banishment” of Karl Rove at Fox to the diminishment of Grover Norquist. To be sure, the GOP is struggling with both identity and popularity at the moment, but the operative concept in Gingrich’s formulation isn’t either party but “today”.

Today, the GOP is incapable of beating Hillary, but that doesn’t really matter. Besides, she’s been inevitable before. Indeed, James Carville’s quip on the show – that Democrats “don’t need a primary. Let’s just go to post with this thing” – might just be an indication of his memory for the last time she was a sure thing more than it is a statement of confidence in it this time around. In 2007, she went from inevitable to indefatigable into a period of incredulousness; she was the leader of a presidential primary run so ruthless and mathematically improbable it makes you wonder if she’s given Mitt Romney a condolence call yet.

Remember that? The desperation and lead-footed feints of the too-long-to-die Clinton campaign? Remember the denial of her most fervent supporters (“Party Unity My Ass!”), who couldn’t believe they’d been outstripped by this newcomer, this stranger with a murky past and murkier ideology? (“Birthism”, it may pain you to remember, started with Hillary die-hards.) He must have cheated somehow. The media had it rigged in his favor from the start, anyway.

It sounds familiar, no? Yet out of that mean-spirited funk rose one of the most popular and visible secretaries of state in modern times. Looking at Hillary’s shift from sore loser to next-in-line, one wonders if the way for the GOP to succeed in beating Clinton is learn from her. There are limits to how much a party can emulate a person, of course. It cannot retire to Chappaqua or grow its hair out.letting agents guaranteed rent

But there are some clues from Hillary’s journey that Republicans – certainly individually, if not as a party – can follow.

letting agents guaranteed rent

1. Start now. Hillary’s speech at the 2008 convention threw all in for Obama and at the same time celebrated the idea of “never stopping”. There’s a tradition of coyness in presidential runs that runs right through to Hillary today, but if the GOP wants to dramatically change its fortunes, why not be dramatic? Encourage hopefuls to announce their intentions, let the American people start to get to know who they are, especially if those contenders put themselves in the public eye via their work and not media appearances. Which brings us to:

2. Create policy, not catchphrases. Clinton gives good speeches. Not great speeches, and she probably realizes that. Her rise as secretary of state hasn’t been on the back of rhetoric (unlike some presidents I could name), but distinct actions. It’s another tradition for would-be candidates to do tours of various thinktanks and conferences to get themselves in the public eye; Hillary has gained popularity by doing most of her work outside of it. This strategy, applied to GOP candidates, would restrict the field to elected officials and government appointees – which might not be a bad idea for the party to consider. (Cough) Herman Cain (cough).

3. You are not your supporters. Or: lead, don’t follow. The Clinton example here is her deft handling of those disgruntled supporters: she praised their loyalty but didn’t exhibit the desire let their loyalty determine her actions. And she didn’t try to bribe or cajole them into staying with her once she started in a direction they didn’t like. This is how the GOP should approach the Tea Party: So long convinced that it is the sole source of conservative “momentum,” the Republican party seems unwilling to risk seeking support form a more, well, stable base.

Really, every one of these strategies has at its heart a single logic: Putting the country’s, or voters’ interests before one’s own. As a candidate for 2008, Hillary’s negatives came from the perception that she was ambitious for the sake of ambition – she started being cool and more electable and more appealing, almost as soon as it became clear her ambitions was secondary to getting things done.

Thus far in our short post-election season, the Republican party has shown little interest in getting things done – and a lot entitlement.

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guaranteed rental scheme | Pipe bomb explodes in Dundonald

guaranteed rental scheme | Pipe bomb explodes in Dundonald

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guaranteed rental scheme

Pipe bomb attack at a property on Millar’s Forge in Dundonald outside Belfast. Pic Jonathan Porter/Presseye.guaranteed rental scheme

A pipe bomb has exploded in the Millar’s Forge area of Dundonald.

Police were called to reports of the explosion at 1.05am on Thursday morning, where the device was found in a garden.

Army Technical Officers examined the object and confirmed it to be a viable pipe bomb type device that had detonated.

No one was injured by the blast but slight damage was caused to a parked car.guaranteed rental scheme

guaranteed rental scheme

The security alert ended at around 6am.

Detectives in Castlereagh are appealing for anyone who noticed unusual activity in the area to contact CID on 0845 600 8000, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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3Let guaranteed rental | Japanese knotweed ties up house sales in London

guaranteed rental | Japanese knotweed ties up house sales in London

guaranteed rental

Thousands of house sales in London are being hit by the spread of Japanese knotweed as lenders refuse to offer mortgages for properties affected by the scourge, an expert claimed today.

The destructive bamboo-like plant has been sprouting across the country in recent years and the Government estimates that it would take £1.5 billion to clear the infestations.

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Actor Tom Conti compared the weed to The Day Of The Triffids after it began advancing on homes in Hampstead.

Now a leading expert has accused banks and building societies of “going over the top” over fears about the plant. Charles Carter, who runs Knotweed Management, a consultancy which advises homeowners, companies and councils on getting rid of the plant, said a growing number of lenders were refusing to give mortgages for affected properties.

“Some won’t give out a mortgage unless there’s a control operation signed and sealed. Some mortgage lenders are not too fussed about it, but others are going over the top,” he said.

Mr Carter said one supermarket development in north London was affected when a lender found out the area was blighted by knotweed and pulled out of mortgage deals with the prospective buyers of flats built close to the retail unit. “It’s getting ridiculous. I could see some sense to it if buildings were going to be ruined by it but a property is never going to fall down because of knotweed,” he said.

He added: “I would say thousands of people in London buying and selling homes have been affected by this.”

The Association of British Insurers said buildings insurance policies do not cover damage and problems caused by knotweed.guaranteed rental

Conti, 71, joked that the weed was “the Japanese secret weapon” after it began spreading along a path linked to a number of properties, including his and those of Esther Rantzen and Thierry Henry. He said: “It spreads like billy-o — over 10cm a day — and takes over everything. And you can’t just cut it down or burn it. By law, you have to call a specialist team and then every stalk has to be injected.”

Last year a couple from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire decided to demolish their home after it was found to be affected. Matthew Jones and Sue Banks took the decision after the property’s value fell from £305,000 to £50,000.

Mark Harris, chief executive of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, said this month that knotweed “can raise bells with lenders”. He added: “It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker but there are two or three banks which will not lend if it is found.”
Knotty problem

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– Japanese knotweed was introduced into Britain in the 19th century as an ornamental plant.

– It can grow up to 10cm a day.

– The weed is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species.

– The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 made it illegal to spread Japanese knotweed in the UK.

– The bamboo-like stems grow up to 12 feet tall and can push through concrete and damage buildings.

– More than £150 million is spent every year trying to control the weed.

– It spreads through its crown, rhizome (underground stem) and stem segments, rather than its seeds.

– The young stems are edible as a spring vegetable, with a flavour similar to extremely sour rhubarb.


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