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guaranteed rental income insurance | Watch Jeb Bush and beware politicians bearing books

guaranteed rental income insurance | Watch Jeb Bush and beware politicians bearing books

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guaranteed rental income insurance

Politicians’ books are worthless pap, but as Jeb Bush shows, a pile of books beats a soapbox for improving one’s standing

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush signs his book, Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution, at the Ronald Reagan Library. Photograph: Brian Cahn/Zuma Press/Corbis guaranteed rental income insurance
Jeb Bush left office six years ago, at the age of 54, and basically, has not held a job since. There was talk of him stepping forward to help rescue the Republican party from its 2012 hopeless slate of candidates, but he demurred. And there was talk about him becoming the National Football League commissioner at the tail end of his term as Florida governor, but Bush said he wouldn’t even consider his next career step until he was out of office.

He decided, evidently, to do – at least, officially – almost nothing at all.

Until now. Now, he has co-written a book, Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution. On Sunday, he did all the morning talk shows. He’ll be talking about this book for months and months to come.

And that’s what this column is about: books by politicians. Books as political career-building blocks. Books as legitimizing devices. Books as political objects.

It is as expected as kissing babies that a politician who is aspiring to national office will write a book. Beside me, at my desk, for reasons I can’t fathom, has been Mark Rubio’s face for the last several months, on the cover of his book. Everybody who is going to run for president in 2016 will have a book. Maybe two.

I think we can all safely agree that no one, except perhaps the emotionally disturbed, has ever read one of these books. It transpired during the Republican race last year that Rick Santorum had not quite read his own book. It is not a requirement, or even an expectation, that ambitious politicians write their own books.

Barack Obama wrote a revealing book before he was a plausible contender, before he was likely at all to be anyone, and he probably wrote it himself. Then, after he became a viable candidate, he wrote another, probably much less by himself, which carefully said nothing at all.

Still, these dishwater dull and insipid books are powerful. This is effective media.

In Jeb Bush’s case, a book wipes his indolence clean. The man might reasonably be hardpressed to explain just exactly what he was doing for the past six years, and on what basis was he supporting his family (which would open up the issue of sweetheart consulting deals and overpaid speeches). But having a book, especially on a policy topic, shows he was being an expert, pursuing the public’s welfare, solving problems, that he was out-front, that he was leading. To prove it, he wrote a book.

His book, as these books are, is one moderately diligent speech and the rest is almost wholly valueless padding.

The core material itself – the basic stump speech, which he will now repeat at forum after forum – is hardly all that interesting. Bush tries to walk the fine line between Republican troglodytes who oppose all immigration reform, and the obvious necessity for a more tolerant position. In this, he offers a series of banal and slightly more tolerant policy proscriptions.

But pay no attention to that, because no one will. Rather, the point is that because of this book, which no one will read or seriously review, Jeb Bush is now a spokesman for this issue. And that puts him on television as a man with a mission, instead of as a mere candidate. He doesn’t have to say what is obvious (“I’ve just been waiting around for my time to run for president”). He can say, “I’m deeply concerned about immigration.”

Still, don’t think a book by a climbing politician is just propaganda. It doesn’t even provide that amount of feeling and commitment. In fact, politicians are really careful to say mostly nothing at all in their books – lest, when they do run, they are held accountable for what they may have written.guaranteed rental income insurance

These books a really more sleights of hand. They’re pretend books. It’s like being named a chairman of a worthy cause. It’s wholly symbolic.

guaranteed rental income insurance

So why do publishers collude in this deception?

For one thing, the publisher doesn’t really have to pay you. You certainly don’t want to look like Newt Gingrich when Rupert Murdoch used his book company, HarperCollins, to funnel an extra $4.5m to Newt. (Indeed, if you hold office, there are no rules governing this sort of thing.)

And you get free publicity. Jeb Bush’s book tour masking as campaign launch will actually sell books. Not a huge number, of course, but perhaps 30-40,000 – that’s a profit of several hundred thousand dollars to a publisher.

Still. Here’s a book without real thought, or information, or meaning, besides self-promotion, which exists only to provide a pretext to get the politician-author on television. You would think a publisher would have some gatekeeper pride before so willingly becoming part of this charade. At least, you might think the publisher would worry about the devaluation these phony books might have on books as a whole. (Really, it’s hard to look at any book the same way, after you’ve tried to read one of these.) But alas …

Curiously, these politicians who have written (or who have had someone else write) these phony-baloney books, actually come to think of themselves as authors, with a stack of new books always at their elbow. It’s almost impossible to visit one of them and not come away with an autographed copy of your own.

So here is Jeb Bush: with his book in hand – his artifact, his prop – on the hustings, surely aiming for his shot.

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guaranteed rent | Dublin airport evacuated after bomb threat from ‘man with Northern Irish accent’

guaranteed rent | Dublin airport evacuated after bomb threat from ‘man with Northern Irish accent’

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guaranteed rent

The threat sparked a major security alert and airport police carried out a sweep of the area at Dublin Airport.guaranteed rent

Part of Dublin Airport was evacuated on Thursday morning following a bomb scare.

Gardai have launched an investigation after Air Traffic Control received warnings that an explosive device had been placed at Pier E.

It’s understood that a male with a Northern accent phoned officials at around 1.30am and told them that a bomb was concealed in the vicinity.

The threat sparked a major security alert and airport police carried out a sweep of the area.

However after an extensive search, the location around Pier E was deemed safe.guaranteed rent

The matter has been referred to gardai and the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA).

guaranteed rent

A number of staff members were evacuated from the area while an extensive search was carried out.

However the worrying incident has not caused any disruption to passengers travelling through the airport today.

“This matter has been thoroughly investigated and the airport is now deemed safe. There were no passengers or members of the public in the area at the time,” a DAA spokeswoman said.

View the original article here

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guaranteed rent scheme | China second quarter GDP to test reformers’ stomach for weaker growth

guaranteed rent scheme | China second quarter GDP to test reformers’ stomach for weaker growth

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guaranteed rent scheme

(Reuters) – China’s resolve to revamp its economy for the long-term good will be tested this month when a slew of data show growth is grinding towards a 23-year low, with no recovery in sight.

The median forecast of 21 economists polled by Reuters show China’s economy likely grew 7.5 percent between April and June from a year ago, slowing from the previous three months as weak demand dented factory output and investment growth.guaranteed rent scheme

Growth prospects for the rest of the year look even grimmer if last month’s unprecedented money market crunch, which saw short-term interest rates spike to record highs, eventually feeds into the real economy through higher lending rates.

Firms burdened by higher borrowing costs could shed jobs in coming months, analysts say, lifting unemployment that is a decisive factor in Chinese policymaking.

China’s new leaders, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, have flagged for some time that the rapid GDP growth of the past three decades needs to shift down a gear as the economy moves towards consumer-led expansion.

Beijing has consequently resisted so far taking policy action to boost the economy, opting instead for slower but better-quality growth not reliant on extravagant investment funded by debt.

But things could change, especially as China’s labour market betrays signs of its first crack.

“As China sticks to reform, the downward pressure on the economy will increase,” said Jianguang Shen, chief China economist with Mizuho Securities Asia in Hong Kong. “Rising unemployment and bad loans will be inevitable.”

The world’s No. 2 economy grew 7.7 percent in the first three months, and Beijing hopes 2013 growth could hit 7.5 percent – impressive by world standards but the slowest in 23 years for China.

The gross domestic product report, due on July 15, will be preceded by trade and inflation data, with the latter, on Tuesday, likely to show lacklustre demand capping price pressures.

Consumer inflation is expected to quicken to 2.5 percent in June, well below the central bank’s 3.5 percent target for 2013, and also below benchmark one-year deposit rates of 3 percent. Inflation had ran at 2.1 percent in May.

In a sign of the tough times ahead for firms, producer prices are forecast to drop for the 16th consecutive month, falling 2.7 percent in June, compared with May’s 2.9 percent drop.

China’s factories have been hammered in the past year by poor demand and excess capacity, especially among solar makers, ship builders and steel makers. Analysts say some have resorted to cutting prices to raise sales, but with little success.

Trade data, due on Wednesday, is forecast to show an improvement in both imports and exports compared with May, but in a feeble rebound not expected to herald a solid revival.

Exports are projected to have grown 4.0 percent in June from a year earlier, while imports are seen rising 8.0 percent.


With the aftermath of Beijing’s last spending spree still making its way through the economy, China’s new leadership has seemed happy to let economic growth slide without taking drastic remedies.guaranteed rent scheme

Their predecessors unleashed 4 trillion yuan ($650 billion) of state spending during the 2008/09 global financial crisis, a bold move that shielded the economy but left it with trillions of yuan of debt now hurting its banks.

guaranteed rent scheme

But Beijing’s determination to abstain from policy action may founder.

At a time when widespread corruption and a ballooning wealth gap are inflaming Chinese social tensions, a faltering job market could threaten the rule of the Communist Party already wary of the political upheavals in the Middle East.

China’s largest private shipbuilder, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings, was reported this week to have cut 8,000 jobs in recent months.

A labour sub-index in a government survey of factories also showed employment contracted for the 13th straight month in June, although other official data showed job supply in cities still outstripped demand in the first quarter.

“Just a month ago, we were still expecting a mild recovery this year,” said Xu Gao, an economist with Everbright Securities in Beijing.

“But the key assumption that the government will increase investment to stabilise growth has proven to be wrong. Just where is the government’s tolerance for slower growth? We still need to watch for that.”


Initial predictions that China’s economy was set for a gentle recovery in 2013 have proven wildly optimistic. After slashing their forecasts, some analysts now believe China could miss its official growth target for the first time ever in 2013.

This means China’s mild economic pick-up in the last quarter of 2012 was transient and that growth is likely to reverse into another cooldown in coming months after deteriorating from April through to June.

A Reuters poll showed growth in factory output probably slipped to 9.1 percent in June from May’s 9.2 percent, while fixed-asset investment slowed to 20.2 percent in the first half of the year, from a rise of 20.4 percent in the first five months.

“Despite recent signs of bottoming out in domestic activity, the growth outlook remains fragile,” said UBS chief China economist Wang Tao in a note to clients.

Worse, monetary conditions may be tightening. A Reuters poll showed M2 money supply growth retreated to 15.2 percent from May’s 15.8 percent.

Banks are forecast to have lent 800 billion yuan in June, up from May’s 667 billion yuan but below a reported surge to 1 trillion yuan of new loans in the first few days of last month – which probably hardened Beijing’s resolve to let interest rates spike.

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